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The staff at Novant Health Urogynecology works diligently to provide the highest level of care available with the compassion and respect you deserve. All of our staff members are here to answer your questions and get you the help and resources you need.

Brooke Schnitker, Practice Manager

While most medical providers try to sympathize with their patients, practice manager Brooke Schnitker has a special connection to hers. "I have experienced a lot of the same concerns as our patients," Brooke shared. "I am here to let them know they are not alone, and that everyone in our office believes in their care."

Her personal experience is part of what led Brooke to urogynecology after more than a decade in the medical field. "I chose urogynecology so I could give back to the community the same care I received when I was a patient," she explained. "I am compassionate and have an understanding heart. I hope those qualities along with the care that Dr. Porter and the rest of our staff provides combine to deliver a remarkable experience to every patient."

Brooke is married and has two sons. "I love gardening and playing golf," she said, "and I love it when I can get my sons to golf with me!"

Melissa Ashley, CMA

As a certified medical assistant, Melissa Ashley works hard to make sure the patients at Novant Health Urogynecology feel comfortable and welcomed. "I chose to be a medical assistant because I enjoy interacting with people face to face and making them feel comfortable in a place that isn’t always somewhere they are happy to be," Melissa shared. "I chose this specialty because I want to be able to comfort and inform women about what urogynecology is and how it can help them."

Melissa says she is happy to have found a place at Novant Health Urogynecology not just to use what she has already learned to but continue gaining knowledge that will benefit her patients. "My coworkers are all so knowledgeable," she said. "I learn new things from each of them every day."

Married with a young son, Melissa is rarely sitting still. "I love being outside and active with my boys!" she shared.

Maly Buco, CMA

While certified medical assistant Maly Buco loves the field of urogynecology, she says it's not the just specialty that makes her so happy to be at work each day. "I love the patients here," Maly shared. "Working with Dr. Porter is great and our staff is so welcoming. When you put all of that together, this is a great place to work and those elements make it easy to provide our patients with remarkable care."

Maly grew up in Charlotte and attended Central Piedmont Community College. She is happy to provide care for women in the community she has always called home.

Outside of work, you might find Maly reaching new heights. "I love rock climbing!" she shared.

Zoila A. Sandoval, CMA

Certified medical assistant Zoila Sandoval has spent more than a decade in the medical field. "I have worked in family practice and cardiology, and loved both of those specialties," Zoila shared, "but I wanted to learn something different so I could help patients even more. That's what led me to urogynecology."

Now, Zoila can say she loves not only her specialty but where she works. "What I like best about Novant Health Urogynecology is that we have good teamwork and good communication," she said. "We have a great doctor and a great staff, and together we try to deliver a remarkable experience to our patients."

Family is very important to Zoila. She enjoys spending time with her mother and four brothers. "On the weekends, we either go to the mall or the movies," she said. "We spend a lot of time together! Most of my time alone is spent exercising and sleeping!"

Kara Arcury, Patient Services Coordinator

As a patient services coordinator, Kara Arcury is totally devoted to patient care. "I want my patients to know that I will always do everything I can to make their experience with us a wonderful one," Kara said. "I will try to make sure their needs are met in the most timely manner, and I will greet them with a smile."

Kara started her career in the medical field as a teenager, and still enjoys it each and every day. "I look forward to coming to work everyday, and that really says something about the environment here," she explained. "I love the camaraderie among the staff and the fast-paced workday. Plus, women's health is a field that has always been close to my heart."

Also close to her heart are Kara's husband and teenage son. "We enjoy watching movies, playing pool and traveling to my hometown of Greenville, South Carolina, together.

Ashley McMillan, Clinic Secretary

Clinic secretary Ashley McMillan knows she has the power to positively impact patient care. "I want our patients' visits to be as comfortable and stress-free as possible," Ashley said. "We have all been faced with health issues, and I know from personal experience that an extra smile or a kind word goes a long way."

Ashley also has personally seen how visiting a urogynecologist can impact a woman's life. "Several of my family members have been treated by a urogynecologist," she shared. "I know it can be life-changing and I'm thankful to help patients through that process."

Outside of work, two young daughters keep Ashley and her husband busy. "We enjoy doing anything outdoors," she said. "Bike rides and boating are our favorites."

Erica Mason, Clinic Secretary

Working in the medical field has been a lifelong dream of clinic secretary Erica Mason. "I have always admired the work of medical assistants and support staff in physicians' offices," Erica recalled. "I have wanted to be in the medical field since I was very little because of that.

"I want my patients to see that I really love my job," Erica continued. "I hope that shows to every patient I serve."

A young daughter is the focus of most of Erica's attention away from the office. "I love spending time with her and with the rest of my family," she shared. "We love going shopping together."

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